Self-Service Cash Deposit Solution

The new CDS9 cash deposit machine offers transport operators the most secure, reliable and effective way to handle all cash handling in their depot. An evolution of the CDS830, the CDS9 was designed to ensure accuracy against the ticketing system, the internal reconciliation process, along with reporting and auditing for the state transport authorities. Its state-of-the-art features an award-winning design ensure optimal cash automation and user interaction, and a formidable ROI.


  • SCAN COIN validation module and sensors for coins, plus single feed note validator.
  • 15″ LCD touch screen and illuminated arrows indicate the simple 5 steps required to deposit.
  • Windows® 10 Operating System ensures full connectivity and reporting.
  • Each driver’s deposit is logged and can be easily reconciled against ticket sales data.
  • Developed, tested and verified to give trouble-free operations with the absolute highest reliability and maximum uptime.
  • Coins and notes are stored in a locked cassette within a safe, ready for CIT pick up, hence reducing CIT costs associated with frequency and length of visits.
  • Through-the-wall and stand-alone models available.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 765mm (W) x 580mm (D) x 1410mm (H)


Remove Manual cash handling icon

Eliminate manual cash counting

Money shrinkage icon

Eliminate cash errors and shrinkage

Save Time icon

Save time in the back-office


Full visibility of cash, anytime, from anywhere

Cloud-based user-friendly dashboard that offers full tracking, reporting and monitoring capabilities. Compatible with our Smart Deposit devices and Cash Recycling machines.

  • Real-time cash visibility across the venue/s
  • POS transaction report and reconciliation
  • Discrepancy investigation and alerts
  • Machine monitoring and reporting
  • Banking and CIT Management, and cash replenishment
  • Optimise cash levels by monitoring cash usage and movements.

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