Front-Office Cash Recycler

The INLANE DEPO is a customer-facing note and coin recycling solution designed to be implemented at the Point of Sale (POS). It offers customers a secure, fast, and contactless cash payment experience and streamlines all cash handling tasks, increasing staff efficiency. By automating all cash handling tasks, the INLANE Desktop promotes hygiene for both staff and customers, while eliminating the risk of human error, detecting counterfeits and automating cash reconciliation. Our INLANE DEPO is an affordable, low-cost note and coin recycling solution ideal for retail environments like supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, convenience stores and fashion/apparel with small-large cash volume. Built on the architecture of the INLANE DESKTOP, the DEPO includes a safe and a canvas banking bag for CIT.


  • Allows customers to pay both notes and coins directly into the machine when paying by cash.
  • Counts, stores, and dispenses change back directly to the customer.
  • Secured cassette to store excess notes ready for banking or CIT collection.
  • Admin functions are permission-based and can be tracked via machine logs.
  • Generate daily reports, including all transactions processed during the day.
  • Ideal for retail environments like supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, convenience stores, food courts, and fashion/apparel, from small to large cash volumes.
  • Flexible note and coin capacity to suit store’s needs and dimensions.

Technical Specifications

Weight 165Kg
Dimensions 520mm (W) x 550mm (D) x 820mm (H)


Remove Manual cash handling icon

Remove all cash handling tasks in store

Automate cash transactions at the register and at the self-service

CIT Cost icon

Reduce CIT visits and optimise your working capital

Reporting Analytics icon

Reconciliation tasks are no longer required

Dispense tills icon

Remove cash exposure in store

validate cash icon

Detect counterfeit and eliminate discrepancies


Full visibility of cash, anytime, from anywhere

Cloud-based user-friendly dashboard that offers full tracking, reporting and monitoring capabilities. Compatible with our Smart Deposit devices and Cash Recycling machines.

  • Real-time cash visibility across the venue/s
  • POS transaction report and reconciliation
  • Discrepancy investigation and alerts
  • Machine monitoring and reporting
  • Banking and CIT Management, and cash replenishment
  • Optimise cash levels by monitoring cash usage and movements.


INLANE allows the automation of cash handling at the checkout point and it can be configured both as self-checkout (the client picks the products and the proceed to the payment by inserting the notes and/or coins and receiving back any change) and as a device for the store staff (in this case, the process is carried out by the operator and the client directly inserts and/or withdraws the coins/notes).

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