Intelligent Note Deposit Solution

The SDM50 is a super compact banknote deposit solution designed to sit under the counter and allow small businesses to secure high denomination banknotes right at the Point of Sale. Ideally suited for convenience stores, petrol stations, quick service restaurants, pharmacies and other small format retail environments, the SDM50 offers a simple design, quality, proven technology and an easy integration to your POS management system.

Notes are accepted through a single-note feed validator and secured in a self-sealing stacking bag of up to 1,200 notes capacity. Both note acceptor and bag compartment are easily accessible for cleaning and in an unlikely event of a jam. The detachable 7” touchscreen + printer + Dallas key module is designed to sit on top of the counter for convenience or to be replaced by your POS hardware completely.


Money security icon

Secure high-value notes immediately at POS.

No theft icon

Minimise the risk of robberies and shrinkage

Productivity icon

Improve efficiancy by eliminating cash skims at the till.

POS icon

Integrate with POS system for automated reconcialiation.

Compact footprint icon

Highly compact and easy to fit under any till, counter or desk.

CIT Cost icon

Cash is secured in a self-sealing stacking bag, ready for CIT pickup and banking.


Full visibility of cash, anytime, from anywhere

Cloud-based user-friendly dashboard that offers full tracking, reporting and monitoring capabilities. Compatible with our Smart Deposit devices and Cash Recycling machines.

  • Real-time cash visibility across the venue/s
  • POS transaction report and reconciliation
  • Discrepancy investigation and alerts
  • Machine monitoring and reporting
  • Banking and CIT Management, and cash replenishment
  • Optimise cash levels by monitoring cash usage and movements.

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Intelligent Note Deposit Solution


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