A photo of a woman using a Consillion cash machine

Solutions for Pharmacy

Consillion for pharmacy industry image
A cartoon image of a woman doing back office work in a pharmacy

Option 1

Back-Office Cash Recycling

  • Dispense register in seconds
  • Deposit register total taking in less than 1min
  • Safe Audit no longer required
  • Reduce balancing issues and discrepancies
  • Remove idle cash and optimise cash in store
A cartoon image of a note counter

Option 2

Back-Office Note Counter

  • Counts & sorts notes ready for banking 
  • Counterfeit detection 
  • Face & orientate notes 
  •  Central monitoring software

Option 3

Front-Office Cash Recycler

  • Automate all cash transactions at registers
  • Detect counterfeit at the register
  • Eliminate discrepancies
  • Reconciliation tasks no longer required
  • Improve hygiene
  • Remove cash exposure in store

Front-Office Solutions

Front-Office Solutions

Back-Office Solutions

Back-Office Solutions

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