Consillion Cashlantern Machine


Reporting And Analytics Platform

Full visibility of cash anywhere at any time

Cloud-based user-friendly dashboard offering full tracking, reporting and monitoring capabilities, allowing your venue/store to fully automate reconciliation.

CashLantern customisable dashboards, POS, accounting, and third-party integrations including Wirely deliver additional efficiency by highlighting discrepancies and reducing manual entry.

Compatible with our Smart Deposit devices and Cash Recycling machines.



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Enterprise secure cloud-based platform, available from anywhere at anytime

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One central view to all cash in your venue/store

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Automate reconciliation through dashboards, POS, and third-party integrations

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Improve efficiency by significantly reducing manual entry across all stores, and venues

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Set up automated alerts on cash levels, and discrepancies

Monitor cash levels and cash cycles with full transparency, optimising cash flow in your store/venue

Grant and restrict access using role-based permissions

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Easily integrate to third-party platforms using our APIs

Our POS and 3rd party partners


CASHLANTERN PLATFORM. Access all transactions and information collected by Consillion devices through our dashboard and reports.
CUSTOMISABLE DASHBOARDS. Create your own dashboards by the click of a button.
AUTOMATE REPORTS. Receive transaction reports via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency.
USER SYNC. If you have more than one recycler in the same venue (or a different venue), staff log on details will synchronise across all your recyclers.
POS & 3RD PARTY INTEGRATION. Data extracted from POS suppliers or other 3rd parties can be displayed on your editable dashboards, removing the need for manual entry.
PETTY CASH & SUPPLIER PAYMENTS. Through our Petty Cash feature, pay small suppliers and casual/temporary staff, dispense aircrew allowances, and refund staff for out-of-pocket expenses.
INTEGRATED BANKING SHEET. If our editable dashboards do not meet your business needs, our Professional Services team can create a bespoke dashboard with editable fields customised to your store/venue.
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