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Waste Recycling

Cash Redemption Terminal

The CRTi Cash Redemption terminal is a secure and cost-effective self-service voucher-to-cash converter designed to read barcoded receipts and dispense coins and notes to match the amount credited.

The CRTi was designed in collaboration with a global player in the recycling industry looking for a safe and convenient way to let customers redeem cash refunds immediately upon depositing recyclable waste.

Our robust CRTi solution offers large capacity, ease of use and complete safety. After a successful pilot, we are now rolling out this solution globally.


Remove Manual cash handling icon

Eliminate manual cash handling at the depot

No theft icon

Minimise the risk of robberies and internal theft

Sign Up icon

Grow your customer base by providing a valuable service

CIT Cost icon

Cash management can be outsourced to the CIT provider

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Get full visibility of cash via our cloud-based reporting platform

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Maximise efficiency at the depo by eliminating over the counter transactions


To understand the benefits and capabilities of this Cash Recycling solution, please watch our City of Perth case study in the the enclosed demonstration video.

Enjoy and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our product support team.

Easy to Operate

An infographic on how to use the Consillion CRTi Cash Redemption terminal

Our Customers

Consillion CRTi Cash Redemption terminal machine specifications
Operating SystemWindows 10
Display15” colour LCD touchscreen
Capacity8 Coin Hoppers – Capacity currency dependent
Up to 4 note cassettes (3,000 notes each) + reject
Barcode Scanner1D and 2D Barcodes
Printer80mm thermal printer
SafeCEN-L Equivalent (12mm plate safe) + S&G Key Lock
Supervisor Panel10.4” colour LCD touchscreen
Dimensions / Weight1,836 h x 703 w x 1,095 d (mm) / Approx. 600Kg Net
Database ManagementCloud-based or offline, depending on customer requirements
Software AppCloud-based reporting, monitoring and analytics platform, CashLantern enables full visibility of transactions via customisable dashboards. Permission levels, thresholds, and error alerts can be set by the User.

Optional Modules

Safe Options5mm cabinet
Door switches on both upper cabinet and safe
Lock OptionsLaGard 39E (Single User)
LaGard 66E (Double User)
UPS650VA/400W, power surge protection
Connectivity OptionsOptional local integration into a SQL server enabling reporting in off-line applications


For customers wanting to install the CRTi close to the weighbridge and out in the open, Consillion offers an all-steel, modular Security Enclosure designed to protect the unit’s contents and provide shelter to the CIT and Service team while operating on it.

Built by an industry-leading manufacturer specialised in industrial steel constructions and proven in the field with a number of installations in the UK, the Consillion’s Security Enclosure is completely customisable in design and offers an extensive list of security features.


  • Pas24 Rated Door with self closer
  • ATM front night tamper/attack guard
  • Magnetic Locks
  • External HD cameras/internal monitor
  • Seismic Attack Sensors
  • Master Blaster 127dB Alarm siren
  • Internal PIR Sensors to detect movement
  • Vehicle mitigation defence


  • Customisable colour and signage
  • LED advertising boards or screens
  • Sheltered customer area can be added
This is an image of the Security Enclosure that can be sold with our CRTi solution
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