Consillion Magner 165 Pocket note counter and sorter


1-1 Pocket Note Counter and Sorter

The MAGNER 165 is a high-performance 1-1 pocket note counter and sorter with superior counterfeit detection and note recognition technology, designed to quickly detect and sort notes by denomination, orientation, and fitness. The large display, serial number detection, and overall performance make it the perfect solution for any business looking for a note counter that offers higher performance, greater efficiency, and better user experience.


  • Multi-Currency Detection – Up to 20 currencies at a time.
  • Counting Speed – 1,200 notes per minute.
  • Reject Pocket Capacity – 100 notes.
  • Advanced Counterfeit Detection – 2-sided RGB, CIS with IRT/UV/MG sensors.
  • Display – 4.3-inch colour LCD touchscreen.
  • Connectivity – Data transfer and networking via PC and USB.
  • Software Upgrade – Can be done by PC, SD card, and manager installed applications.
  • Options – Printer and customer screen.

Technical Specifications

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 260mm (W) x 260mm (D) x 280mm (H)


Remove Manual cash handling icon

Eliminate manual cash counting

validate cash icon

Counterfeit detection

Reduce costs icons

Improve accuracy

software icon

Import and export data to all systems

Save Time icon

Reduce time in the back-office

Deposit icon

Prepare bank deposits

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