Consillion XDCi-N rear access coin deposit
Consillion XDCi-N rear access coin deposit


Express Deposit & Change + Notes

The XDCi-N Express Deposit and Change solution is a self-service device designed to combine the ability to accept deposits of barcoded bags and the dispense of rolled and loose coins – and notes – in exchange for account debit or high-value banknotes.

This combined functionality positions the XDCi as the only device that offers in one small footprint two key transactions essential to business customers: getting change for their tills at the start of the day and depositing their end-of-day takings, swiftly and securely.

The extra note dispensing module fitted on the XDCi-N can be upgraded to a note recycling or note deposit module, based on customer requirements. The XDCi-N is also available as a rolled/loose coin dispensing + bag deposit solution (XDCi), providing banks, CIT providers, and Retailers with the ability to be flexible in the way they serve their customers and staff.



  • Dispenses rolled and loose coins, plus optionally small denomination banknotes in less than 90 seconds.
  • Can work as a cash exchange machine (cash for cash exchange), or as a business dedicated ATM (online).
  • Quick and convenient on-demand change dispensing solution, eliminates pre-ordering online and queueing in branch during business hours.


  • Complete transaction in less than 30 seconds, regardless of the size of the deposit.
  • Cash and valuables are not exposed during the deposit, making it safer for the Customer.
  • Tracking of User ID and transaction detail render our XDi solution AML compliant.
  • Deposited bags are stored in a high capacity bin for later verification by branch staff or CIT.
  • Single-use functionality maximises durability and uptime.
  • Operational status is continuously verified by proprietary onboard monitoring system, flagging any issue in real-time.

Technical Specifications

Weight 640 kg
Dimensions 868mm (W) x 1176mm (D) x 1760mm (H)
Operating System Windows 10
Display 17” colour LCD touchscreen
Capacity Up to 816 coin rolls split in 6 silos = 6 denominations, Up to 9,414 loose coins in 6 hoppers, 1 x 1,200 4-way note acceptor, 165 Litre deposit box (approx. 40 bags 260 x 160 x 60 mm), up to 3 x NMD cassettes = 12K notes + 1 x 250 note reject cassette
Supervisor Panel 10.4″ Color LCD Touchscreen
Safe 40mm CEN safe with lock options
Printer Custom 80mm Thermal Printer
Chute Size (Deposit) 330 w x 260 d x 70 h (mm)
Audio Output Included
Dispensing Rolled Coins Only, Rolled Coins and Loose Notes


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Combine multiple functionalities in a single footprint

Cash Withdrawal icon

Combine multiple functionalities in a single footprint

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Outsource cash management to the CIT and allow dynamic pickups and replenishments

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Outsource cash management to the CIT and allow dynamic pickups and replenishments

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Enjoy full visibility of transactions via our reporting and analytics platform

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Enjoy full visibility of transactions via our reporting and analytics platform



CashLantern is a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform that provides full visibility of cash and complete charting, graphing and reporting capabilities.

The customisable and access-based dashboards allow full tracking and reporting down to each transaction, user, and machine in near real-time. Powerful and User Friendly, our cloud-based application can be accessed by any device, anytime, anywhere.

• Agent is installed locally on each machine (offline)

• Simple and quick to setup

• Central dashboards to display status and usage stats

• Users can create their own dashboards, reports and alerts

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