Consillion XDi-L Front access bag deposit
Consillion XDi-L Front access bag deposit


Express Deposit Solution (Lobby)

The XDi-L Express Deposit solution is a lobby self-service bag deposit device – also known as intelligent night safe – designed to accept large deposits of cash and cheques after being secured in a tamper-evident, barcoded bag. Customers no longer have to wait in line and at the branch counter or cash office while their money is counted. A full bag deposit transaction takes less than 30 seconds. All paperwork is automated and each transaction recorded in detail, identified by account ID, timestamp and barcode. An acknowledgment slip is provided to the customer for peace of mind. Bags are collected in a large deposit box for later processing and verification. Fully customisable, the XDi Express Deposit range includes a lobby, in-the-wall, or external through-the-wall solutions, providing banks, CIT providers, and transport companies with an automated 24/7 deposit facility that allows them to better serve their customers.


  • Complete transaction in less than 30 seconds, regardless of the size of the deposit.
  • Cash and valuables are not exposed during the deposit, making it safer for the Customer.
  • Tracking of User Id and transaction detail render our XDi solution AML compliant.
  • Deposited bags are stored in a high capacity bin for later verification by branch staff or CIT.
  • Single-use functionality maximises durability and uptime.
  • Operational status is continuously verified by proprietary onboard monitoring system, flagging any issue in real-time.


Deposit icon

Automates business deposits secured in tamper evident, barcoded bags

Eliminate Queues icon

Customers no longer have to queue up in branch to bank

Customer Satisfaction icon

Improve customer service by offering quick and efficient cash transactions

Cash Withdrawal icon

Provide critical access to cash services 24/7, 365 days a year

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Easy reconciliation and audit of deposits (AML compliance)

CIT Cost icon

Outsource cash management to the CIT and enable dynamic pickups


We have created a short product demonstration of the operation and functionality of the XDi-L to show how quick and simple is its operation.

Enjoy and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our product support team.

Thank you!



CashLantern is a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform that provides full visibility of cash and complete charting, graphing and reporting capabilities.

The customisable and access-based dashboards allow full tracking and reporting down to each transaction, user, and machine in near real-time. Powerful and User Friendly, our cloud-based application can be accessed by any device, anytime, anywhere.

• Agent is installed locally on each machine (offline)

• Simple and quick to setup

• Central dashboards to display status and usage stats

• Users can create their own dashboards, reports and alerts

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