Consillion XDCi-N coin deposit sidecar
Consillion XDCi-N coin deposit sidecar

XDCi-N + Sidecar

Coin Sidecar

The coin sidecar is a coin-in upgrade module designed to allow your existing self service hardware to accept large deposits of loose, unsorted coins as an account deposit (online version) or a redeemable voucher. The optional coin-out functionality allows the dispense of loose coins, even in small denominations. This way, customers can withdraw cash from their bank account both notes and coins and access any transaction where dispensing change is required at the self-service wall.



  • Add coin processing functionality to any existing self-service hardware without incurring large refurbishment costs
  • Offers coin deposit capability whilst offering an attractive ROI within a lower volume environment
  • Allows the migration of all cash handling functions to the self service wall and adds coin-in / coin-out functionality to decentralised locations and 24-hour hubs
  • Proven technology combined with clever, space-saving design only adds from a minimum of 250mm to a maximum of 450mm width to your existing solution
  • Comes with full XFS layer to easily integrate in ATM software environment


Deposit icon

Provide Express Deposit functionality

Consillion Rolled Coin Dispensing icon

Dispense Rolled and Loose Coin + Banknotes

Deposit and Dispense Loose Coins

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Completely outsource the solution to your CIT

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Offer complete access to cash services, 24/7/365


To understand the benefits and capabilities of the XDCi Express Deposit and Business Change + Coin Sidecar Solution, please watch the enclosed video.

Enjoy and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our product support team.



CashLantern is a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform that provides full visibility of cash and complete charting, graphing and reporting capabilities.

The customisable and access-based dashboards allow full tracking and reporting down to each transaction, user, and machine in near real-time. Powerful and User Friendly, our cloud-based application can be accessed by any device, anytime, anywhere.

• Agent is installed locally on each machine (offline)

• Simple and quick to setup

• Central dashboards to display status and usage stats

• Users can create their own dashboards, reports and alerts

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